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Season 6

Season 6, Episode 1: Last Man Standing

Original Air Date—23 September 2008
The murder of a Petty Officer is linked to another death and the Director's decision to break up Gibbs's team. Gibbs and Director work together to unravel the mystery.

Season 6, Episode 2: Agent Afloat

Original Air Date—30 September 2008
Tony investigates a sailor who may have jumped overboard. He asks Gibbs to inform the widow. When they find she was murdered, the entire team will be needed to determine what really happened.
Next US airings:
Fri. July 158:00 PMUSA

Season 6, Episode 3: Capitol Offense

Original Air Date—7 October 2008
When a Naval Commander is murdered, an old friend contacts Gibbs. His friend is now a Senator. He believes he's being framed because of his connection with the Commander.
Next US airings:
Mon. July 186:00 PMUSA

Season 6, Episode 4: Heartland

Original Air Date—14 October 2008
One marine is murdered, and another is critically injured outside a bar. They find the injured marine was the target of the attack. The investigation takes the team to Gibbs's home town.

Season 6, Episode 5: Nine Lives

Original Air Date—21 October 2008
A marine is found tortured in his garage. The investigation leads to an FBI witness who is about to testify against a reputed mobster.
Next US airings:
Mon. July 187:00 PMUSA

Season 6, Episode 6: Murder 2.0

Original Air Date—28 October 2008
A body is discovered in the water system on a Marine Base. A note stuffed inside the victim's mouth leads to a website showing how the first victim was killed. The team races to find the culprit because they know there will be more victims.
Next US airings:
Mon. July 188:00 PMUSA

Season 6, Episode 7: Collateral Damage

Original Air Date—11 November 2008
A bank at Quantico is robbed. As the team investigates they find that money may not have been the main objective. They must determine what the robbers were really after. Gibbs is asked to evaluate a new agent by the Director.

Season 6, Episode 8: Cloak

Original Air Date—18 November 2008
Gibbs's team is ordered to break into a secure facility. But it's a decoy to catch a mole in NCIS. The team is shocked by all the developments, and they're not prepared for the final twist.
Next US airings:
Wed. July 203:00 PMUSA

Season 6, Episode 9: Dagger

Original Air Date—25 November 2008
NCIS has found the mole within their ranks, now they must work with the mole to find the one who has blackmailed their co-worker into treason.
Next US airings:
Wed. July 204:00 PMUSA

Season 6, Episode 10: Road Kill

Original Air Date—2 December 2008
A petty officer is killed in an apparent road rage incident. As the team, investigates they find he was involved in an underground fight club. They must find out if his involvement led to his death.
Next US airings:
Wed. July 206:00 PMUSA

Season 6, Episode 11: Silent Night

Original Air Date—16 December 2008
Just 2 days before Christmas, a home invasion robbery leaves is linked to an old murder case. The suspect was identified as a petty officer who had died. NCIS tries to sort out what happened in time for the holiday.
Next US airings:
Wed. July 205:00 PMUSA

Season 6, Episode 12: Caged

Original Air Date—6 January 2009
The questioning of an inmate of a Maryland womens' prison turns into a hostage situation when a riot ensues, making McGee the hostage negotiator.
Next US airings:
Wed. July 207:00 PMUSA

Season 6, Episode 13: Broken Bird

Original Air Date—13 January 2009
A sailor is murdered and the Agents quickly locate the 'suspect' and bring her back to the crime scene for identification. The Agents watch in horror as Ducky is stabbed at a crime scene - and they uncover a secret from Ducky's past that led to the attack.
Next US airings:
Thur. July 215:00 PMUSA

Season 6, Episode 14: Love & War

Original Air Date—27 January 2009
A murdered Commander's questionable actions may have lead to his death. Meanwhile McGee meets romantic interest online.
Next US airings:
Thur. July 216:00 PMUSA

Season 6, Episode 15: Deliverance

Original Air Date—10 February 2009
The team finds some numbers written in blood at crime scene. Gibbs instantly identifies the numbers as his, and knows it's a message for him. While the team tries to solve the murder, Gibbs calls his mentor Mike Franks in for help.
Next US airings:
Wed. July 208:00 PMUSA

Season 6, Episode 16: Bounce

Original Air Date—17 February 2009
A murder with a connection to an old case leads to a reversal of roles for Gibbs and DiNozzo. DiNozzo leads the team in the investigation linking the murder to an embezzlement scheme that sent an innocent man to prison.
Next US airings:
Thur. July 217:00 PMUSA

Season 6, Episode 17: South by Southwest

Original Air Date—24 February 2009
The murder of a NCIS agent may have a link to other unsolved murders. DiNozzo gets a call from a deceased relatives lawyers and anticipates an inheritance.
Next US airings:
Thur. July 218:00 PMUSA

Season 6, Episode 18: Knockout

Original Air Date—17 March 2009
Gibbs and DiNozzo return from Arizona and find that Ziva and McGee have gone to Chicago with Vance to investigate the murder of a man whom the Director claims was a former Marine.
Next US airings:
Fri. July 226:00 PMUSA

Season 6, Episode 19: Hide and Seek

Original Air Date—24 March 2009
The team starts a murder investigation with the weapon, and no body. They must find the culprit and the body.
Next US airings:
Fri. July 227:00 PMUSA

Season 6, Episode 20: Dead Reckoning

Original Air Date—31 March 2009
Kort calls in his favor to Gibbs. He needs help bringing down a criminal operating on US soil.
Next US airings:
Fri. July 228:00 PMUSA

Season 6, Episode 21: Toxic

Original Air Date—7 April 2009
When a government scientist goes missing, Abby is recruited to carry on his work, but the team worries that she may meet the same fate as her predecessor.

Season 6, Episode 22: Legend: Part 1

Original Air Date—28 April 2009
A murdered Marine is linked to a possible arms deal. Leading Gibbs and McGee to go to Los Angeles to work with NCIS OSP, while Tony and Ziva work the case from DC.

Season 6, Episode 23: Legend: Part 2

Original Air Date—5 May 2009
Gibbs and McGee continue working with NCIS OSP to find out what the cell plans on doing with the weapons they're trying to purchase. But a foreign agent has different plans.

Season 6, Episode 24: Semper Fidelis

Original Air Date—12 May 2009
A Federal Agent is murdered while on a security detail at Sec Nav's house. As the investigation unfolds, a Mossad connection is revealed which leads to a confrontation.

Season 6, Episode 25: Aliyah

Original Air Date—19 May 2009
After the events in Ziva's apartment, most of the team goes to Israel to deal with the fallout.