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Season 5

Season 5, Episode 1: Bury Your Dead

Original Air Date—25 September 2007
DiNozzo meets with La Grenouille, and contacts Shephard with a prearranged signal thinking his cover's been compromised. Shephard finally reveals Tony's undercover assignment. Tony tells Jeanne what he really does for a living.

Season 5, Episode 2: Family

Original Air Date—2 October 2007
A Petty officer narrowly avoids an accident, and is subsequently murdered. As the team investigates, they discover the body of a female who had recently given birth. The search is on for the new born child. Tony has difficulty focusing due to his recent break up.
Next US airings:
Mon. July 116:00 PMUSA

Season 5, Episode 3: The Ex-File

Original Air Date—9 October 2007
A marine is murdered in his own home on an Army Base. Army CID heads the investigation, which means Gibbs has to work under his current love interest, Lt Colonel Mann. During the investigation, they find that one of Gibbs's ex-wives is a material witness.
Next US airings:
Mon. July 117:00 PMUSA

Season 5, Episode 4: Identity Crisis

Original Air Date—16 October 2007
As Ducky performs an autopsy for a class, they find evidence of foul play. Gibbs and company soon discover he was a career criminal with Federal ties.

Season 5, Episode 5: Leap of Faith

Original Air Date—23 October 2007
Just as Gibbs talks a suicidal sailor out of jumping off a building, the jumper is shot. Now NCIS must find the shooter.
Next US airings:
Wed. July 132:00 PMUSA

Season 5, Episode 6: Chimera

Original Air Date—30 October 2007
Gibb's team is dropped by helicopter on the USNS Chimera, a top-secret 'non-existent' Navy research ship, where Lt. Cmdr. Satoshi Takada just died, and the rest of the crew fled. According to Duckie's first findings the death cause is a rapidly killing viral, possibly hemorrhagic disease, probably contagious by air: they must put themselves in quarantine with bleak survival perspectives, fighting panic among 'biohazard' signs and hard to break security... and then find they may not be alone after all. Commander Skinner, the ship's superior, is most protective of its secrets, even at the expense of extreme health risks, so the NCIS director engages a long, yet urgent battle with him for literally vital information, which ultimately reveals unexpected other dangers for the team...
Next US airings:
Mon. July 118:00 PMUSA

Season 5, Episode 7: Requiem

Original Air Date—6 November 2007
At the request of Kelly's childhood friend, Gibbs deals with a Marine who has been stalking her. Shortly after Gibbs confronts him, she is kidnapped and they find the Marine, tortured and murdered. Gibbs races to find her and the killer.
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Wed. July 133:00 PMUSA

Season 5, Episode 8: Designated Target

Original Air Date—13 November 2007
Rear Admiral Kenneth Kirkland and his cab driver Atif Nukunda are shot in the cab by masked men in the park. There's no motive to kill the admiral, but the driver was smeared with finger print lotion and a tooth was drawn: for certain identification: the target was Atif, an illegal Burundese immigrant, cabbie and jazz musician. Waverly University professor African studies Delphin Abaka explains Atif used a pseudonym, but ignores his real name. Atif's recently arrived widow- isn't, it's another body, her husband Thomas Zuri is a political refugee under terrorist threat, who left the State Department's protection for information program five years ago. There are more similar attacks on cabs, with a common link...
Next US airings:
Wed. July 134:00 PMUSA

Season 5, Episode 9: Lost and Found

Original Air Date—20 November 2007
McGee takes his scout troop to NCIS, one of his scouts appears in the Missing Persons Database. The team must find his father to determine who has custody of the child.

Season 5, Episode 10: Corporal Punishment

Original Air Date—27 November 2007
A patient breaks out of a Navy hospital. It turns out it is a Marine, recently returned from deployment in Iraq, suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. However, there is more to this Marine as it seems that he has taken Steroids to help him get into the Corps, and this has turned him into a super soldier.
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Wed. July 135:00 PMUSA

Season 5, Episode 11: Tribes

Original Air Date—15 January 2008
Sunni Muslim Marine Lance Corporal Abdul Mohammed Bakr, on leave from Iraq with a few fights with Islam-bashing bigots on his record, is found shot dead in an alley, two blocks from the mosque where his father Khalid Mohammed Bakr is the well-integrated imam. Ducky chooses to honor the imam's religious plea by refusing to perform an autopsy but is ordered by the director, despite horrible Bosnian mass grave memories, then thinks up an unorthodox alternative method, which reveals Abdul was hit by a needle poisoned with rare octopus venom... Abby finds traces of explosives on Abdul and of contact with Al Qaeda centers on Abdul's computer, including its mysterious German recruiter Hans Staiger. An attempt to bug the mosque reveals it's already bugged by the FBI, but Special Agent Brent Langer refuses to give any details. Gibbs sees a link between all three recently deceased Muslim Marines, only...
Next US airings:
Wed. July 136:00 PMUSA

Season 5, Episode 12: Stakeout

Original Air Date—8 April 2008
The team gets a tip that a new prototype defense system has been stolen. After locating it, they stakeout a nearby location to catch the culprit. But the equipment is once again stolen. With Sec Nav holding Gibbs personally responsible for the loss, the team races to find the equipment. Meanwhile some are worried about Ducky's health, when Ducky asks requests tests on a blood sample.
Next US airings:
Wed. July 137:00 PMUSA

Season 5, Episode 13: Dog Tags

Original Air Date—15 April 2008
Abby goes out on a limb in an attempt to save the life of a dog accused of a fatal mauling.
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Wed. July 138:00 PMUSA

Season 5, Episode 14: Internal Affairs

Original Air Date—22 April 2008
The FBI puts the NCIS team under investigation for the murder of a notorious arms dealer.
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Thur. July 145:00 PMUSA

Season 5, Episode 15: In the Zone

Original Air Date—29 April 2008
Two members of NCIS are sent to Iraq to investigate a mortar attack classified as a murder.
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Thur. July 146:00 PMUSA

Season 5, Episode 16: Recoil

Original Air Date—6 May 2008
While on her undercover assignment, Ziva stumbles into dangerous territory when the serial killer she has been following grows suspicious of her.
Next US airings:
Thur. July 147:00 PMUSA

Season 5, Episode 17: About Face

Original Air Date—13 May 2008
Jimmy Palmer is targeted by a murderer only he can recognize.
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Thur. July 148:00 PMUSA

Season 5, Episode 18: Judgment Day: Part 1

Original Air Date—20 May 2008
Director Shepherd attends a funeral of a retired NCIS Agent, and notices someone suspicious. She gives Tony and Ziva time off and calls in Mike Franks for help. She knows someone is coming after her, and knows Gibbs will be next.
Next US airings:
Fri. July 156:00 PMUSA
Fri. July 157:00 PMUSA

Season 5, Episode 19: Judgment Day: Part 2

Original Air Date—20 May 2008
The action continues as NCIS has to deal with the death of one of their own. It's all connected to an operation Gibbs ran several years ago. Major changes for NCIS when the dust settles.