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Season 7

Season 7, Episode 1: Truth or Consequences

Original Air Date—22 September 2009
DiNozzo and McGee begin interviews for Ziva's replacement. No one has heard from Ziva in a while, everyone is concerned, even Gibbs. This leads the team to a high risk mission.

Season 7, Episode 2: Reunion

Original Air Date—29 September 2009
Three Marines are murdered at a bachelor party. While the team investigates, Ziva wants to join NCIS which means she she must now deal with the reasons she was left behind in Israel.

Season 7, Episode 3: The Inside Man

Original Air Date—6 October 2009
A blogger with a rep for exposing cover ups is murdered. His last blog involved a bungled NCIS investigation. The team investigates as best they can, while Metro PD investigates the blogger's NCIS claims.

Season 7, Episode 4: Good Cop, Bad Cop

Original Air Date—13 October 2009
The remains of a murdered marine are found. He was last reported on the ship Ziva was on. Ziva must reveal what happened to her during her time away from NCIS. Her status will be resolved.

Season 7, Episode 5: Code of Conduct

Original Air Date—20 October 2009
A marine with a fondness for practical jokes is murdered. Ziva adjusts to her new role on the team.

Season 7, Episode 6: Outlaws and In-Laws

Original Air Date—3 November 2009
Ducky suspects everything was staged, with forensic expertise, when retired NCIS agent Mike Franks's boat, still registered in donor Gibbs's name, hits a Navy ship, carrying the corpses of dishonorably discharged crooks Roy Keenan, US Army, and US Navy lieutenant Calvin Thomas Blanchard. They asked for Franks at his Mexican home, but no connections between them and Franks are known. The two met when in retired Colonel Merton Bell's PMC ('private military company'), the largest in Iraq. Franks turns up as well as his family's Iraqi matriarch.

Season 7, Episode 7: Endgame

Original Air Date—10 November 2009
A North Korean assassin, who is a nemesis of Vance's, resurfaces not long after a confrontation with him in Los Angeles. Now she is after his family and the key to saving them is to dig through Vance's troubled past.

Season 7, Episode 8: Power Down

Original Air Date—17 November 2009
The team literally finds themselves in the dark when the investigation into the death of a lieutenant is connected to a city-wide blackout.

Season 7, Episode 9: Child's Play

Original Air Date—24 November 2009
A dead Marine's day job at a government think tank leads Gibbs and the team into the life of a 12-year-old prodigy who may be the killer's next target.

Season 7, Episode 10: Faith

Original Air Date—15 December 2009
Kids illegally hacking a Christmas tree find USMC lieutenant Thom Ellis, frozen and skull smashed bizarrely, on a Muslim prayer mat. Although his father, retired marines colonel George Ellis, became a protestant reverend, Thom converted to Islam during the Iraq war. That caused serious tension in his unit and his family, which includes younger brother Pat and widow Tina, who had an adulterous affair. Someone arranged for Roughnecks to get violent. Meanwhile Ducky helps Gibbs find out why his dad really visits 'for Christmas', Tony and McGee have a hard time doing Santa assignments.

Season 7, Episode 11: Ignition

Original Air Date—5 January 2010
An investigation into the death of an aviator and an experimental jet pack is hindered by a lawyer who appears to have a vendetta against NCIS.

Season 7, Episode 12: Flesh and Blood

Original Air Date—12 January 2010
Gibbs questions DiNozzo's ability to do his job when the elder DiNozzo becomes involved in their latest investigation.

Season 7, Episode 13: Jet Lag

Original Air Date—26 January 2010
When the government's star witness in an embezzlement case is targeted by an assassin, it's up to the team to help her make it home alive.

Season 7, Episode 14: Masquerade

Original Air Date—2 February 2010
The team finds themselves in a race against time when a terrorist group threatens to detonate a "dirty bomb" in the D.C. area.

Season 7, Episode 15: Jack Knife

Original Air Date—9 February 2010
Iraq veteran Marine Damon Werth asks Gibb's help after witnessing his mate being killed on a truck-ride for their dodgy employer, Aaron Szwed, suspected of smuggling and hits. FBI Agent T.C. Fornell allows the NCIS team to join in, in fact Gibbs take the lead, on his jurisdiction. Damon goes undercover on another ride, with Ziva as his partner. They find the cargo is legal, yet provides a surprising motive.

Season 7, Episode 16: Mother's Day

Original Air Date—2 March 2010
Secrets arise when Gibbs' former mother-in-law surfaces as a witness in a murder investigation.

Season 7, Episode 17: Double Identity

Original Air Date—9 March 2010
USMC lieutenant John Mayne is shot in his car in US park Rock Creek (DC) with his own gun. But according to wife Leah and his military record he went missing, presumed captured after breaking his leg, during a reconnaissance mission in Afghanistan six years earlier with former sergeant Matthew Gontz, now a cab driver, and then captain, present major, Gordon Holcomb. John lived a new life as day-trader Christian Wells, 'remarried a year earlier with unsuspecting Rachel. P.I. Pete Iger was hired to identify Wells from a marathon photo-finish- by Holcomb. The Afghan story proves dodgy.

Season 7, Episode 18: Jurisdiction

Original Air Date—16 March 2010
The team discovers striking similarities between themselves and their CGIS (Coast Guard Investigative Services) counterparts when a Navy diver seeking sunken treasure is found dead.

Season 7, Episode 19: Guilty Pleasure

Original Air Date—6 April 2010
When the team links the death of a Navy officer to a call-girl, they have to use the help of Holly Snow to help them find the culprit.

Season 7, Episode 20: Moonlighting

Original Air Date—27 April 2010
When an NCIS polygraph specialist's night job takes a dangerous turn, Gibbs, Fornell and the team have to uncover the truth.

Season 7, Episode 21: Obsession

Original Air Date—4 May 2010
DiNozzo finds himself increasingly captivated by a woman he's never met while investigating the murder of her brother.

Season 7, Episode 22: Borderland

Original Air Date—11 May 2010
Loner Afghanistan vet Marine corporal Ray Collins's corpse is found dumped in a junkyard car, both feet amputated, first knocked out and branded in the face. He was court-martialed and discharged for various crimes, affording a luxury motorcycles collection. He was apparently the latest victim of a serial killer of victims with motorcycle gang tattoos, collecting their salted feet. Abby is invited by Justice liaison Alejandro Rivera to address a Mexican forensic symposium in Benito Juarez, escorted by McGee. They meet the Reynosa cartel, trying to solve drug trader Pedro Hernandes's cold murder case. She's shocked to find a link to Gibbs's past. Tony vents dating website frustrations. The team works out that Collins probably murdered the others, plausibly explaining why he alone was alive when his feet were amputated, the others were Reynosa drug dealers, poisoned and the rest of their corpses acid-consumed.

Season 7, Episode 23: Patriot Down

Original Air Date—18 May 2010
Just before the Naval Academy's grand graduation, NCIS special agent Lara Macy's corpse is found in a campfire on Annapolis beach. The agent, officially on leave from Marseille, had her throat slit. She was apparently tailing petty officer 2nd Class Kaylen Burrows who, according to Macy's laptop, was an uncooperative rape victim. Suspect college boy Tyler, son of DC contractor Randall Hammond, was just roughed up by men in a US Navy van. The Hammonds claim Tyler saved Macy from Seamen George Capetanos and Karl Wachter. Gibbs knew Macy years ago and can no longer avoid his Mexican past catching up.

Season 7, Episode 24: Rule Fifty-One

Original Air Date—25 May 2010
Gibbs heads to Mexico to face his demons and make a startling decision.