Breaking Bad - Se4E3 - Open House

Posted by still alone

The baddest TV series is back to give us the entertainment that we’ve all been waiting for. The hit TV series Breaking Bad Season 4 will release its 3rd episode entitled “Open House” on July 31, 2011. Previously, Walt faced his worries about Gus that he might still have it in for him, so he planned to start a new alliance. Skyler tried to persuade Walt to but into a new business opportunity in order to protect their family.

On the current episode, going-on at Jesse’s place starts to get out of control. Skyler reluctantly asks for Saul’s help while Marie settles into a hold habit and Hank hears an old friend who has an unusual request. Who is this old friend that Hank tells about and what is his friend’s unusual request? Is this request has any connection with the other characters of the story? The next episode is kind of trilling and full of suspense. Do you want to uncover the next scenes? Well I guess we all have to because the story is getting more and more exciting. Don’t miss the suspense-filled episode of Breaking Bad Season 4 Episode 3 Open House. Mark your calendars and enjoy this one-of-a-kind TV series.